Campaign Unveils New Billboards Calling Out Rep. David Valadao and Corporate Greed

BAKERSFIELD —  Unrig Our Economy Central Valley, a campaign to hold corporations, the wealthy, and their enablers in Congress accountable for rigging the economy against working people, unveiled a new billboard campaign Thursday highlighting Rep. David Valadao’s (R-Bakersfield) refusal to help Californians with sky-rocketing gas prices.

Republicans in Congress have consistently voted to allow corporations to price gouge consumers. Most recently, every single Republican in the House voted against the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act to crack down on price gouging by Big Oil executives.

The six billboards in Bakersfield highlight the money Valadao has taken from oil and gas companies, all while refusing to take meaningful steps that would help lower gas prices for working families. The billboards will be up for at least the next month.

Wealthy corporations have been taking advantage of working class people for too long, and Republican lawmakers like Congressman Valadao  have consistently enabled them to do so,” said Unrig Our Economy Central Valley spokeswoman Alice Walton. “Filling up the gas tank is not a luxury. It’s a basic necessity so families can get to work and school. We need politicians who wake up everyday thinking about how they can make the lives of the American people a little bit better — not how to make the wealthy even wealthier.”