About Unrig Our Economy Central Valley

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Unrig Our Economy Central Valley is a campaign to fix the rules of our economy to make it work for working people. We’re fighting for working Americans and holding corporations, their wealthy executives, and the politicians who enable them accountable.

We haven’t gotten here by accident. Corporations and the extremely wealthy have rigged the economy in their favor. With their allies in Congress, they’ve used their influence to push for a tax code that leaves massive corporations paying less than the average, hardworking American. They’ve taken so much power that they can raise prices whenever they want to make bigger profits, leaving working people to foot the bill. At the same time, they’ve changed the rules to take bargaining power away from working people and keep wages from going up.

Our leaders face a choice: are they beholden to the wealthy and corporate elite or are they fighting for everyday working Americans — the people who elected them?