LTE: Disappointing that Valadao Did Not Vote for Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act

The people of the 22nd Congressional District are hurting. Diesel prices are sky-rocketing and hurting the farmers who supply the fruits and vegetables on American’s kitchen tables.

It is said that diesel powers America. The cost of diesel influences the cost of transportation and goods. When it becomes more expensive to drive a truck, all of the items in the truck become more expensive, too. We need our elected officials to take action to curb these rising fuel prices.

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act, which would make it illegal to increase gas and energy prices in excessive and exploitative ways. It would also allow the Federal Trade Commission to investigate possible price gouging by oil and gas companies.

What a disappointment to see Congressman David Valadao vote against this bill. Does he not understand the frustration so many of us feel? Oil and gas companies are making record profits while we struggle to fill our trucks and tractors. Price gouging is real and elected officials should use the tools at their disposal to protect American consumers.

This letter to the editor originally ran in the Valley Voice.