Unrig Our Economy Supports United Farm Workers on March to Sacramento

LINDSAY, CA — Supporters of the Unrig Our Economy Central Valley campaign joined the United Farm Workers (UFW) Saturday to participate in one day of the 24-day, 335-mile “March for the Governor’s Signature” from the UFW’s historic Delano 40 Acres. Marchers will arrive in Sacramento on Aug. 26.

Farm workers are marching to win the right to vote for a union free from intimidation and threats. This march is in support of AB 2183, the Agricultural Labor Relations Voting Choice Act (AB 2183-Stone).

“The Unrig campaign is about bringing to light the economic issues that face working families, and calling on our elected officials to hold corporations and the wealthy accountable for paying their fair share,” said Unrig Our Economy Central Valley spokeswoman Alice Walton. “We’re proud to join the farmworkers in their fight to join a union, free of intimidation. Harvesting in the fields is a physically demanding job, performed under harsh conditions, and these workers deserve a union that will stand up to big agriculture and protect their rights.”