Unrig Statement on Valadao’s Vote Against Families Facing Fuel, Formula Shortages

Rep. Valadao Votes Against American Families By  Rejecting Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act  and Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act  

Working Americans are struggling to fill their cars with gas and simply feed  their babies, yet Congressman Valadao continues to back corporate greed  

BAKERSFIELD — Today, House Democrats passed the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Preven tion Act, which would prevent gas companies from gouging consumers at the pump during an  energy emergency and empower the Federal Trade Commission to investigate price gouging  from gas companies.  

The House of Representatives also passed the Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations  Act. H.R. 7790 provides $28 million in emergency appropriations funding to address the cur rent infant formula shortage. The bill appropriates funds for the Food and Drug Administration  (FDA) to address the shortage of FDA- regulated formula and to prevent future shortages  through measures such as preventing fraudulent products from entering the American market.  

Rep. David Valadao (R-Bakersfield) voted against both bills.  

“Rep. Valadao voted against consumers who are reeling from the rising cost of gas and energy  prices across the country, all while oil companies rake in record profits. He also voted against  parents and children who are going hungry,” said Alice Walton, spokeswoman for Unrig Our  Economy Central Valley. “Working Americans are struggling to make ends meet and support 

their families, and instead of standing with them, Congressman Valadao has sided with giant  corporations who are deliberately lining their pockets at the expense of the general public.”  

The formula shortage highlights one way in which corporate greed impacts Americans’ daily  lives. Underscoring the need for more strenuous antitrust oversight and anti-monopoly laws,  four companies control 90% of the baby formula market -—threatening the health of babies  and the economic security of families across the country.  

Gas prices have topped $4 per gallon in every state for the first time while big oil companies  are posting record profits. In April, Exxon announced that its profits had doubled from last year;  Chevron nearly quadrupled its profits, posting its highest quarterly profit in ten years; and BP!s profits hit an eight-year high. While these profits will pay for raises and bonuses for CEOs,  everyday Americans won’t see a cent of benefits.